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Why Do I Have Dropped Calls Inside My Office Building? And How to Fix It with WAVETHRU

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The Importance of Mobile Communication in the Business World

In today's fast-paced business world, mobile communication is vital for staying connected with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. However, poor mobile connectivity in the office can hinder productivity and lead to dropped calls, missed messages, and lost opportunities. So why do you have dropped calls inside your office building? And what can you do about it?

Understanding Mobile Signal Issues in Office Buildings

Mobile signal issues are a common problem for many office buildings, particularly in new constructions with energy-efficient materials such as metal or reinforced concrete. These materials can block mobile signals, making it difficult for devices to receive and transmit information.

The Limitations of Mobile Boosters

One common solution to this problem is mobile boosters, which amplify the mobile signal to improve connectivity. However, these boosters have limitations, and their installation can be expensive and complicated.

Moreover, mobile boosters require costly frequent maintenance and constant update to follow the latest technologies.

Introducing WAVETHRU: An Alternative Solution for Dropped Calls

But, there is an alternative solution: WAVETHRU, a laser surface treatment that enables mobile signals to pass through building windows. This innovative technology enhances mobile connectivity without the need for mobile boosters. WAVETHRU is easy to install, requires no maintenance, and is compatible with all mobile network operators and technologies, including 5G.

The benefits of WAVETHRU are clear

  • Cost-effective

WAVETHRU is less expensive than traditional mobile boosters and requires no ongoing maintenance.

  • Compatible

WAVETHRU is compatible with all mobile network operators and technologies, ensuring that everyone can stay connected.

  • Passive & sustainable

WAVETHRU only needs to be applied once to the window for its entire life length. In addition, it does not consume any electricity.

  • Easy to install

WAVETHRU is quick and easy to install, with minimal disruption to your workplace.

  • Safe

WAVETHRU is a safe solution that does not interfere with other electronic devices, ensuring that your office environment is not compromised.

  • Reliable

With WAVETHRU, you can be confident that you will have reliable mobile connectivity when you need it most. WAVETHRU is a multi-frequency solution, which means that more frequencies can be passed through the building, so the quality of services (calls, email exchanges, data surfing) will be more reliable.

Concluding Thoughts: Enhance Mobile Connectivity with WAVETHRU

In conclusion, dropped calls inside your office building can be frustrating, but they don't have to be a constant problem. With WAVETHRU, you can enhance your mobile connectivity and ensure that you are always connected with your colleagues, clients, and suppliers. So why settle for dropped calls when you can have reliable mobile connectivity with WAVETHRU?


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