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WAVETHRU at PROVADA: Pioneering the Future of Smart Buildings

WAVE by AGC at PROVADA Future 2024

We are thrilled to reflect on a highly engaging and successful Provada, where WAVE by AGC showcased the latest advancements in sustainability and profitability for real estate at the Future Innovation Square. This year's event was particularly notable for its emphasis on innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the modern real estate market.


Key Highlights


We presented our revolutionary and innovative WAVETHRU  solution at PROVADA pioneering the future of smart building with cutting-edge technology that streamlines construction processes and enhances building efficiency. Our booth attracted a diverse crowd eager to learn about our latest advancements, from automated systems to energy-efficient designs.


As proud members of the Smart Building Collective, we joined forces with 25 other innovative companies to showcase digital applications for accelerating construction, smarter building, and efficient management. Our collective effort demonstrated the transformative impact of smart technologies on the real estate sector.


Key Takeaways from PROVADA

  • Prioritizing connectivity upfront is essential for smarter, more sustainable buildings.

  • Proper planning and integration can lead to improved energy efficiency and reduced operational costs.

  • Connectivity solutions must be integrated from the outset to ensure longevity and resilience.

  • Advanced connectivity can also support new technologies like IoT devices, which further en hance building management and user experience.


Trends Observed

  • Sustainability: There was a strong emphasis on reducing energy use, eliminating unnecessary cabling, reducing maintenance needs, and implementing passive solutions that require less active management.

  • Occupancy Happiness: The rising demand for smart solutions aims to increase tenant satisfaction by providing more personalized and responsive environments.

  • Office Flexibility: With the rise of remote working, perfect connectivity within office spaces has become increasingly important to support flexible work arrangements.

  • Awareness Among Building Owners: There is a growing recognition of the need to integrate connectivity solutions into new constructions from the start, ensuring that buildings are future-proof and adaptable to technological advancements.

WAVE by AGC at PROVADA Future 2024


Thank you for visiting us!

We had many stimulating discussions that went far beyond every day connectivity challenges. They included exploring innovative ways to construct buildings that comply with the standards set by the Paris Agreement and how improved connectivity can positively influence environmental impact by reducing energy use and leading to CO2 savings. Interest was high in glass recycling too.

It was fascinating to hear more about the issues operations are facing. One visitor shared the high cost of cleaning sensors regularly required to ensure a strong signal. The one-off treatment of glass would obviously eliminate the reoccurring expense.

We also formed new connections, clients, networks, and promising partnerships. The conversations we had were rich with insights and provided valuable feedback that will help shape our future innovations.


Let’s stay connected!


For those interested in achieving perfect connectivity in your building, please reach out to Cynthia van Vroenhoven at (+31) 06-19528465. She would be delighted to share insights about WAVETHRU, our sustainable and affordable treatment for 4G/5G indoor signaling, which adds value to real estate and boosts customer satisfaction! We are already excited for next year's PROVADA and look forward to continuing our mission to transform the real estate industry through smart, sustainable solutions.

See you again next year at PROVADA! 

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