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Tired of work being hindered by poor signal strength? Make the switch to seamless connectivity!

Lady experiencing poor signal strength

Poor signal strength at work doesn't have to be your reality. The vision of co-working is sold to agile operations and flexible freelancers as a harmonious and professional environment that supports highly efficient working.

This contemporary approach has enabled collaborative workspaces to become commonplace. With that is the expectation that robust mobile connectivity is assured.

But so often that is not the case. Picture this: a diverse group of individuals working cordially under one roof. However, this idyllic setting can swiftly sour when our smartphones, the indispensable tools of our trade, falter. Poor signal quality can impede productivity, disrupt calls, and complicate internet access. For freelancers and remote workers dependent on these environments, such challenges are not just inconvenient; they directly impact productivity and profitability.

Disruption can be costly as a report by UK telecoms firm Daisy Group found. It discovered 47% of managers thought they rarely or never suffered from poor connectivity, when an average of 45 minutes downtime was being experienced every week - this is equal to more than £500 per employee, per year, in lost productivity.

Identifying the Dilemma: When Bars Mean Business

Imagine this: You're mid-video conference, the deal of the year hanging by a thread on your presentation, and suddenly, your phone signal fades, the screen pixelates, your words becoming fractured as they reach your client's earpiece. Every stuttered syllable delivers a pound of unprofessionalism, eroding your credibility by the second.

It's not just about calls dropping; it's about the connotation of amateur hour, that tinge of techno-wobbliness, that even the most laid-back digital native cannot quite shake. And this isn’t a problem with a sole solution; it splinters into a spectrum of predicaments in the co-working environment.

How many times have we had to act like detectives, searching every corner for that perfect spot with good signal strength? Or experienced the awkwardness of telling our client to wait as we move to a different Wi-Fi zone? Or waited for a frozen screen to become alive again in the hope the other party has stayed in the call too? These frustrating moments slowly wear down our professional resilience.

Key to a happy, productive and fruitful working day is connectivity. We don’t want to have to move close to a window or go outside to make a call where there will likely be incessant disturbances. We don’t want to create a bad perception of the service we are trying to offer customers – both on calls or when they visit the office. We also want to ensure we can deliver a high quality service that reflects our values.

Tackling the Challenges of Poor Signal Strength: That Answer is Clear

Should these problems persist, it may result in the need to have time-consuming and challenging conversations with the property owner.  Even worse, a move might have to be considered. Alongside the time, effort and cost associated with finding a new location there is also the added disruption and potential loss of business as well as valued team members.


This does not have to be the case. A glazing on which WAVETHRU by AGC has been applied allows the mobile signal to seamlessly enter the building. The retrofittable state-of-the-art technology for mobile indoor coverage is quick to install, maintenance free, versatile, silent, clean, invisible, CO2 emission free, and lasts as long as the glass does.

The process applies a unique laser pattern to the glazing with 30 µm laser engraved lines that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Just 20% to 30% of the window and floors 0 to 4 need to be treated to improve the indoor signal on all frequency ranges under 6GHz. This makes it a future-proof solution for 5G and there is no need to adapt the solution if new technology is introduced or the operator infrastructure changes. Treatment is gentle and does not affect the physical properties of the glazing.


WAVETHRU makes poor indoor connectivity a thing of the past leaving you and your clients to focus fully on business success.

Conclusion: In the Arms of Connectivity

It is within the grasp of our hands that we possess the future - the future of our business transactions, our networks, and our reputation. Mobile connectivity is not a secondary concern; it lies at the core of our principles as professionals in this rapidly advancing digital era.


To learn more about optimizing your mobile experience in co-working spaces and to become a part of the community passionate about seamless connectivity, explore WAVETHRU. It's time to turn the tide in your favour and ensure that your mobile connectivity supports your professional ambitions.

Want to know more on how to enhance the mobile communication experience in your co-working space and to ensure a brilliant client experience?



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