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Silversquare ensures gold standard connectivity with WAVETHRU by AGC

Connectivity has been restored at Silversquare tahnks to WAVETHRU

When your business premise is to provide office spaces designed as safe havens for demanding professionals craving efficiency, focus and connections, you cannot afford to have connectivity issues.

The ability to send and receive calls, freely share information, and manage smooth online communications is essential.

This fundamental business need will remain vital for a sector where projections show that 30% of corporate real estate could be flexible workspace by 2030, up from 2% today. This growth was echoed by The World Economic Forum’s white paper The Rise Global of Digital Jobs. It estimated a 25% increase in remote roles up to 90 million by 2030.

Unfortunately, as coworking solutions provider Silversquare found, signal reliability is not always guaranteed – particularly in a location such as the 1970s built Antwerp Tower which recently completed renovation and includes shops on the ground floor, offices on the first three floors, and around 200 luxury flats in the tower.



Essential connectivity

Kenny Decommer, Head of Architecture & Design, Silversquare, explains: “What makes us unique is our focus on architecture and interior design. This is what makes us stand out in the market and this is why our clients love Silversquare. As a co-working operator, we want to offer the best services to our clients, the best interior design and the best technology that is possible. In this regard the connectivity of a building is very important to us.”

Nick Wouters, Business Manager, Silversquare, continues: “Our members need to be connected to the outside world at any time at any moment. When we bought this building, we had no connectivity whatsoever. From two meters away from the window I could not receive a phone call. Now with WAVETHRU I can call anytime, anywhere.”

WAVETHRU by AGC ensures a stronger signal with improved call quality indoors and the ability to manage multiple frequencies. It enables a better end-user experience as phones consume less power for a longer battery life.

The process applies a unique laser pattern that is nearly invisible to the naked eye. Just 20% to 30% of the window needs to be treated to improve the indoor signal on all frequency ranges under 6GHz. This makes it a future-proof solution for 5G and there is no need to adapt the solution if new technology is introduced or the operator infrastructure changes.

Impactless installation at Silversquare

It is easy to install as the treatment is applied on-site to existing windows. It is non-intrusive as there are no wires. There is no impact on building aesthetics as it is invisible to building occupants and does not affect the glazing insulation or thermal performance.

Silversquare identified it as the best solution because it:

  • Improved call quality indoors for 2G 3G 4G and 5G.

  • Was multi-operator.

  • Had no impact on glazing performance.

  • Was highly cost effective.

  • Required zero maintenance.

  • Delivered forever compatibility with any IT technology.

Using the quick to install technology 147 windows - 5500 sqm - across three floors, were treated in the Antwerp Tower location. WAVETHRU has also been applied in three other Silversquare spaces.

Kenny concludes: “WAVETHRU offered the solution with the treatment on the window which is exactly what we needed. This is a solution that goes on for eternity. It doesn’t require maintenance and will stay as long as the glazing is in place. From now on our clients can call at anytime and anyplace within the entire co-working space.”

Want to know more on how to enhance the mobile communication experience in your coworking space and to ensure a brilliant client experience? 



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