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FM Zorgcongres 2024: Creating a healthy outlook for mobile connectivity

WAVE by AGC at FM Zorgcongres 2024
WAVE by AGC at FM Zorgcongres 2024

Healthcare innovation and ways to successfully drive sustainable evolution were the focus of the 14th FM Zorgcongres 2024. So, it was no surprise that for its first attendance, WAVE by AGC sparked a lot of interest in how technology can manage mobile connectivity issues and shape a brighter, more interconnected future for healthcare environments.


Facility managers of large hospitals and nursing homes who manage large investments in terms of the transformation and modernization of infrastructures learned first-hand from WAVE by AGC how the convergence of glass technology and healthcare offers boundless opportunities for collaboration. Healthcare professionals, managers, engineers, electro mechanics, discovered how they can introduce a cost-effective, maintenance-free alternative to traditional IT solutions.


At this FM Zorgcongres event focused on innovative advancements in the healthcare and technology sectors, Danny Havenith, Chairman of the European Health and Public Procurement Alliance (EHPPA), emphasized the significance of a robust ecosystem and the sharing of best practices for achieving sustainability success. He delved into the crucial role played by responsible hospital purchasers and the policies guiding decision-making, including the Green Deal, Procure4Health, Intrakoop, and the EHPPA Sustainability and Social Value Working Group.


Havenith also explored strategies for positively impacting the climate, the environment, and society. He discussed the importance of reducing energy consumption, striving for carbon neutrality, and making mindful investment decisions to foster a climate-responsible healthcare infrastructure. This includes minimizing usage and extending the lifespan of technology.


For the healthcare sector, the deployment of highly interconnected technology is vital. Such technology ensures the continuous provision of essential services, elevates patient care, and boosts operational efficiency. It is indispensable for the secure and efficient exchange of data updates on patient health and critical communications, underscoring its foundational role in the industry.  

WAVE by AGC at FM Zorgcongres 2024: a number of solutions that can help cost effectively manage the daily pressures

  • The revolutionary WAVETHRU from WAVE by AGC improves the transmission of radio frequencies with a laser glass surface treatment. This innovative and seamless technology enhances mobile connectivity without the need for mobile boosters. WAVETHRU is easy to install, requires no maintenance, and is compatible with all mobile network operators and technologies, including 5G. At FM Zorgcongres 2024 we demonstrated how the solution holds many benefits for the healthcare sector such as enhanced communication for patients and families, emergency alerts, immediate access to diagnostic results and images, augmented reality assisted robotic surgery, high quality video for telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, …

  • WAVETRAP is ideal for new hospitals. Invisible to the eye and featuring high coating technology, this transparent glass prevents the transmission of unwanted electromagnetic radiation to indoor environments and offers vital protection for departments such as MRI as it eliminates the need for partition walls. It also blocks waves without losing light and does not affect the insulating or thermal performance of glazing.

  • WAVEANTENNA is a range of aesthetic glass antenna solutions designed to enhance the visual experience in urban environment and building interiors while addressing network densification issues. WAVEATTOCH, the first product to join the WAVEANTENNA adventure in 2017 is designed to address mobile outdoor network densification issues in urban landscapes by offering a seamlessly integrated glass antenna inside the building, behind the glazing, to enhance the network coverage outside. With WAVEANTENNA (Wi-Fi / Private 5G), seamlessly integrated glass antennas discreetly enhance the visual interior experience without compromising on connectivity performance. This solution is ideal for high-end spaces as it ensures top-notch performance without sacrificing aesthetics.


The every-day need of the healthcare sector is mirrored by other environments such as

co-working spaces and hotels. Technology that can decrease the demand on energy, support reliable and secure communications and reduce the impact of radiation waves. Talk to Wave by AGC to learn more.

Want to know more on how to enhance the mobile communication experience in your healthcare facility and to ensure a safe environment? 



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