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Customer Spotlight: Mijzo on Enhancing Connectivity in Elderly Residential Care

WAVE by AGC at PROVADA Future 2024

The ability to be connected at all times is crucial, especially in healthcare environments where it can significantly impact everyday demands. We have already discussed this in recent blog posts in healthcare  "How to Treat Poor Connectivity in the Healthcare Sector" and co-working spaces “Silversquare ensures gold standard connectivity with WAVETHRU by AGC”.

Residential healthcare is another sector where fast and uninterrupted communications are essential.

Mijzo is leading the way


In a recent video interview, Dutch care group and valued partner Mijzo shares how it is exploring ways to improve connectivity across its 26 locations for the elderly in the Brabant region (The Netherlands). It has around 4,000 employees and 2,000 volunteers that care for 2,500 clients.

The operation is dedicated to empowering residents to manage their home lives independently for as long as possible. It is committed to keeping healthcare high-quality, accessible and affordable as well as transforming care to allow the elderly to shape and interpret their lives at home in their own way for as long as possible. As soon as that is no longer possible, Mijzo is there to support and guide them.

Additionally, it strives to positively impact the daily lives of its clients, employees, and volunteers through continuous innovation. Together with clients, their loved ones and smart technology Mijzo offers the necessary support and care. By consistently evaluating technologies and opportunities both inside and outside the sector, the organization develops unique approaches and engages employees from all levels in the quest for new solutions, promoting autonomy and enhancing the overall care experience.

Mijzo's initiatives include developing a voice reporting tool that reduces staff reporting time by 30%,collaborating on a robot to assist the elderly in showering independently and exploring VR glasses for the rehabilitation and pain reduction during wound care.


Leading modernised healthcare


John van der Hout, Project Manager IT, for Mijzo explains: “We are leaders in the use of technology and corporate social responsibility to modernise healthcare. Good connectivity is crucial to our organisation because our people use specialised mobile phones to receive alarms and to communicate with each other and the outside world. That's why it's important to make sure their phones work well.”

Mijzo thoroughly assessed if it was possible to ensure the reliable performance of their systems and solutions without the need for stable and solid mobile signals. However, there was no solution that was 100% aligned with their needs. As a consequence, they were hindered in their technological development by the fact that the indoor mobile signal was so poor.

Then WAVETHRU from WAVE by AGC was recommended by a technology provider. Mr. van der Hout continues: “The provider offered very expensive technical solutions which an organisation such as Mijzo cannot purchase in good faith as the money is better spent on healthcare. They then suggested contacting WAVETHRU.”


WAVETHRU is an invisible, easy to install, maintenance free, cost-effective solution that requires no infrastructure changes. It improves the transmission of radio frequencies with a laser glass surface treatment. The innovative and seamless technology enhances mobile connectivity without the need for mobile boosters and is compatible with all mobile network operators and technologies, including 5G. It helps reduce the reliance on Wi-Fi and costly repeaters and preserves network security and privacy.


Easy and simple permanent solution

Mr. van der Hout states: “WAVETHRU is a permanent solution. The windows get treated and that's all there is to it. There is no technology that needs to be replaced regularly. There are no recurring annual costs. It's a quick and easy to install process.”

For the residents, the result is assured reliability of alarmed systems, enabled by guaranteed connectivity excellence. Important too, is continued uninterrupted communications with friends and family.

For the staff, there is peace of mind when their alert phones can consistently access a guaranteed strong signal. This is also the case when there is reliable vital access to iPads and tablets when reporting medical information online during their patient visits. This is when it is essential that information is instantly synchronized with the overall medical information database.


Tangible results

To achieve these benefits, excellent connectivity is essential—and it is guaranteed.


Mr. van der Hout adds the solution is making a very tangible impact: “This morning a carer told me I used to have to lean out of the window in order to make a call but now I can just use my phone while walking around the building.”


Rolling out successful connectivity at other Mijzo sites


Mijzo’s adoption of WAVETHRU has resulted in the treatment of approx. 220sqm of surface and 356 windows. The decision has been so successful that the technology is expected to be rolled out at three other Mijzo sites. 

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