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WAVETHRU at Bruno Food Corner, Bilzen

Bruno Food Corner, Bilzen, BE

Project type

Tank station food corner


January 2024


Bilzen, Belgium


- Food corner, Belgium
- 1300m² covering a shop open space, the self-service area and the restaurant.
- In service at the time of the operation WAVETHRU


- Indoor radio performance: High attenuation envelop: approx. -25dB
- Bad signal level for BASE and Orange (4G low band and 2G), and acceptable to good signal for Proximus, but the technology is 4G low band.
- Almost all calls are over 2G and 3G
- Throughput is very low, and upload is very bad (less than 1Mbps).


The food corner welcomes customers when they are refuelling, but also customers from the surrounding area who come in for meals or breaks, as well as customers who come in for small purchases.

Access to the telecoms network was chronically difficult, and the Bruno Group was looking for a solution to improve the customer experience. The indoor antenna system they had been offered was deemed unaffordable and, above all, unsuitable because it was a single-operator system.


As usual, an audit was carried out beforehand to determine the state of connectivity at approximately one hundred points. The WAVETHRU intervention was conducted from the outside of the building in order not to interrupt commercial activity.

In total:

- All windows treated, on approximately 80 m of façade
- 2 days of treatment


- Signal strength improvement up to + 19dB
- Improvement of 4G signal level inside the building for all operators
- Well improvement of data speed level
- Improvement of call service

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