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Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, NL

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January 2023


Eindhoven, NL


- The building is part of the Eindhoven University campus.
- The building houses a series of start-ups using different telephone networks. The building is divided into two parts: on one side of the building there are offices (the WAVETHRU treated part), and on the other side there are labs (the untreated part because, for process reasons, the metal blinds are always closed).
- The building is fitted with double glazing


- Occupants had no mobile network in the offices because of the glazing
- Occupants were unreachable and unable to make calls
- the 5G network present outside offers very high performance in terms of data transfer (DL 300MBps), which could not be used inside because of the glazing


- The WAVETHRU solution was applied in the areas corresponding to the secretariat, as well as other offices occupied by human resources, but also tenants of the building.
- WAVETHRU can therefore be applied only to certain areas, where you need it most.
- Decorative stickers on existing windows were avoided during the treatment, which did not affect the quality of the treatment.
In total :
- 52 m² treated
- 21 windows treated
- 2-day treatment


- Mobile network quality restored for Dutch operators: T-mobile, KPN, Vodafone
- 5G network restored inside the building /+ 4G network enabling calls
- Up to +17dB improvement

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