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Silversquare Bailli, BE


May 2021

Project type



Brussels, Belgium


- SQ Bailli located in Brussels, Belgium
- 1800m² of office and co-working space spread over 3 floors
- Occupied by 300 occupants spread across 3 floors + 1 coworking centre


The occupants of the co-working space were complaining to the community manager about poor telephone communications in the coworking building. Some occupants left due the poor mobile connectivity since it was difficult for them to make phone calls with customers.


The challenge of this project was to improve the mobile connectivity inside the building for the three national operators (Proximus, Orange and Base) at an affordable price without disturbing the co-working activities.

We worked in two phases.

The first phase consisted of applying WAVETHRU treatment on some windows in a critical area of the coworking to show to the owner of the coworking the efficiency of the solution and get feedback from occupants.

Based on positive feedbacks from test phase, the second phase consisted of extending the treatment on all three floors occupied by the coworking.

In total:
- We treated 172m² with WAVETHRU
- 306 windows treated
- 10 days of treatment


- Signal strength improvement up to + 18dB for all mobile operators
- Coverage for all 2G/3G/4G and future 5G technologies present outside the building was restored for all national operators (Proximus, Orange and Base)
- 85% of the occupants noticed an improvement of the mobile network after the WAVETHRU treatment

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