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Prelude Florennes, BE

Type du projet

Healthcare Facilities


February 2022


Florennes, BE


- Nursing home in Florennes, Belgium
- 7200 m² of nursing home and administrative space spread over 3 floors
- Occupied by 120 residents and employees


The connectivity problems were discovered before the commissioning during the construction phase of the new nursing home.

The connectivity problems were detected on the ground floor in the secretariat and management wing and this for all national operators: Proximus, Base, Orange.

A good connectivity is essential in this care facility to ensure efficient operation, and constant contact between occupants, nurse team and medical team.

This project was conducted in collaboration with Prelude.

Prelude is a company specializing in the integration of special techniques in the building industry. It meets the needs of professionals as well as private individuals. Prelude is a team of system integrators whose mission is to unleash the potential of new technologies in buildings. (


WAVETHRU is a technology that uses a laser to treat some of the existing double-glazing units to ensure they let through the radio waves used in mobile telephone communications. This solution does not alter the thermal and aesthetic properties of the glazing in any way.

In a first step, we treated the wing of the secretariat and the direction: in total 490 m².

Subsequently, we also treated the different spaces occupied by the physiotherapists and health care professionals who had to be reachable on their cell phones.

In total:
- 1700m² were treated on 3 floors.
- 96 windows treated
- 5 days of treatment


- The nursing staff can make phone calls and be reached in the building at any time
- Signal strength improvement for Orange and Base operators
- Coverage for all 2G/3G/4G and future 5G technologies present outside the building was restored
- Building occupants can now enjoy an improved quality of phone calls and mobile data transfer on all floors treated, regardless of mobile operator used

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