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Immobel HQ, Be

Immobel HQ, BE

Project Type

Office building


January 2023


Brussels, BE


- Immobel HQ located in city center of Brussels
- 15 floors building


At certain times of the day, some employees were no longer able to make calls inside the building due to congestion of the network. WAVETHRU appeared as a solution to allow more calls capacity by letting more signal bandwidth passing inside the building.

In addition, the GPS signal was not present inside the offices. Hence, the IT department was not able to transfer their new address on Google since the HQ was moved.

The various "phone boxes" located in the center of the building provided to the employees to make calls in a quiet environment were also deprived of a good mobile network. As a result, phone calls were of poor quality or even impossible.


WAVETHRU is a technology that uses a laser to treat some of the existing double-glazing units to ensure they let through the radio waves used in mobile telephone communications. This solution does not alter the thermal and aesthetic properties of the glazing in any way.

In total :
- 1800m² floor treated
- 55 windows treated
- 3 days treatment


- Employees have a good mobile signal in the office and can call even during rush hours.
- Calls in the phone boxes are now possible and of good quality for all mobile operators (Proximus, Orange, Base)
- The new gps location of the new offices could be updated
- Signal strength improvement up to + 39dB for all mobile operators (Proximus, Orange, Base)
- Coverage for all 2G/3G/4G and future 5G technologies present outside the building was restored

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