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Het Hoge Veer, NL

Project type

Healthcare Facility


October 2022


Geertruidenberg, NL


- Eledery facility
- Rooms & appartement for eledery health care
- Use of emergency button (Secuvijf)
- 4 floors 4000m²


The purpose of this project was to apply WAVETHRU on the glazing to recover a good coverage inside the building for the 2G network used by the CQ5 system. CQ5 being

where there was a problem of security system for residents.

All rooms are equipped with an emergency alarm system that can be triggered by the patients. This system is connected to the 2G network which is not efficient enough due to the installed glazing.

As a result, alerts sent by patients are not transmitted to the nursing staff.


WAVETHRU is a technology that uses a laser to treat some of the existing double-glazing units to ensure they let through the radio waves used in mobile telephone communications. This solution does not alter the thermal and aesthetic properties of the glazing in any way.

In total:
- 766 windows treated
- 20 days treatment


- Signal strength improvement up to +10DB on all e-sim installed in the emergency buttons
- Nurses are reachable and receive patient alerts

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