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Delhaize, Aalst, BE


March 2022

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Aalst, Belgium


- Delhaize market
- 2400m² of retail surface at floor 0 + 400m2 of office at floor 1
- Offices occupied by 10 employees


The new Delhaize in Aalst had no mobile coverage inside the building. More specifically at the cash desks, which caused a problem for the use of the loyalty card of customers who had no data to display it on their mobile. Therefore, there was a need for a multi-operator solution for customers to use their mobile phones.

In addition, employees in the first-floor offices were also having trouble making calls due to the weak mobile network inside.


The challenge of this project was the building's depth, which rose to 60m and the fact that only one façade is funrished with glass. It was decided during the AUDIT to combine our passive solution WAVETHRU with an active system, repeater proximus, in order to cover the building in depth which has windows only on one side.

By combining the two solutions, it was possible to use a low power repeater and hence reduce the overall connectivity budget while offering a multi-operator solution. Thanks to WAVETHRU, there is no need to install a repeater for each telephone operator.

We treated all the windows in the building with WAVETHRU, i.e. at the entrance near the cashier's desk as well as on the upper floor in the offices.

The active solution (Proximus repeater) was installed to cover the back of the store as well as the warehouses.

In total:
- 2800m² were treated: 2400m² of the store and 400m² of offices on the second floor


- Delhaize customers have network connectivity back inside their store and can make calls + use their loyalty card again
- Delhaize employees in the upstairs offices can also make calls thanks to a good mobile network
- Signal strength improvement up to + 16dB for all mobile operators (Proximus, Orange, Base)
- Coverage for all 2G/3G/4G and future 5G technologies present outside the building was restored
- Building occupants can now enjoy an improved quality of phone calls and mobile data transfer on all floors treated, regardless of mobile operator used

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