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Biotech3, Igretec, BE


February 2022

Project type

Office building


Gosselies, Belgium


- Biotech3 located in Gosselies, Belgium
- 1240m² of office space spread over 2 floors
- Occupied by several companies spread across 2 floors


A solar film was placed on the Stopray glazing to improve their insulation perfomance and hence to avoid overheating inside the building during summer. The combination of the film and the stopray presents inside the double glazing caused serious connectivity problems. No calls were getting through the building for any of the national carriers. Many complaints from the tenants were forwarded to the building owner.


We engraved the solar film as well as the coating presents inside the double glazing without any alteration of their thermal and technical properties.

In total:
- We treated the whole building with WAVETHRU: 1200m².
- 118 windows treated
- 9 days of treatment


- Companies occupying the building can again make and receive calls
- There are no more complaints about connectivity problems.
- Signal strength improvement up to + 13dB for all mobile operators : Proximus, Base, Orange
- Coverage for all 2G/3G/4G and future 5G technologies present outside the building was restored

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