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Belfius Steenokkerzeel

Belfius Steenokkerzeel


November 2021

Project type

Bank Agency


Steenokkerzeel, Belgium


- Existing bank agency located in Steenokerzeel, BE
- 445m² of office space spread over 2 floors
- Occupied by the bank agency employees and its customers


The mobile connectivity problems inside the bank agency were experienced as much by the customers who could not receive calls or use data on their cell phones as by the employees themselves, unable to use the Belfius mobile application they need for their day-to-day work.

Bank agents were not reachable by their customers and could not make calls either.


WAVETHRU is a technology that uses a laser to treat some of the existing double-glazing units to ensure they let through the radio waves used in mobile telephone communications. This solution does not alter the thermal and aesthetic properties of the glazing in any way.

We treated the entire building with the WAVETHRU solution. We treated the double glazing.

In total:
- We treated 29m² with WAVETHRU
- 32 windows treated
- 1 day of treatment
- Intervention planned in one month


- No more complains from the occupants and customers
- No more calls fail, calls with better quality since established in 4G (HD voice calls) regardless of mobile operator used
- Building occupants can now enjoy an improved quality of phone calls and mobile data transfer for all operators (Proximus, Orange, Base)
- Signal strength improvement up to + 8dB for all mobile operators
- Coverage for all 2G/3G/4G and future 5G technologies present outside the building was restored

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