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Arts 56, Befimmo, BE

Type du projet

Office building


March 2022


Brussels, BE


- ARTS56 located in Brussels, Belgium
- 28000m² of office space spread over 8 floors
- Occupied by 11 tenants spread across 7 floors + 1 coworking centre


Occupants complained about issues with mobile telephone coverage: difficulty making and receiving phone calls as well as surfing the web via mobile data. As the building is occupied by several companies that use different mobile operators, the traditional active solutions offered by the operators were expensive to set up and often only applied to a single operator.


WAVETHRU is a technology that uses a laser to treat some of the existing double-glazing units to ensure they let through the radio waves used in mobile telephone communications. This solution does not alter the thermal and aesthetic properties of the glazing in any way.


- Signal strength improvement up to + 16dB for all mobile operators
- Coverage for all 2G/3G/4G and future 5G technologies present outside the building was restored
- Building occupants can now enjoy an improved quality of phone calls and mobile data transfer on all floors treated, regardless of mobile operator used

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