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WAVE by AGC at Mijzo, Doelen

Mijzo, Doelen

Project type

Elderly care


January 2024


Doelen, The Netherlands


Elderly care, The Netherlands
- 7400m², over 2 floors
- In service at the time of the operation WAVETHRU


- Indoor radio performance: High attenuation envelop: up to -31dB
- Poor 4G low band signal coverage inside the building for Odido​
- Acceptable 4G signal coverage for KPN and Vodafone indoor and good 5G NSA signal in some area for Vodafone
- Speed test (throughput): medium to good depending on the operator​
- Call signal: over LTE (4G low band) for all operators


For several years, the Mijzo group had been looking to solve the problem of connectivity inside its buildings, to enable the use of special telephones to receive alarms related to the well-being of patients, and to modernise the IT infrastructure in general. The solutions proposed to date, in particular the installation of indoor antennas, were deemed to be far too costly.


As usual, an audit was carried out beforehand to determine the state of connectivity at several hundred points. The WAVETHRU intervention was conducted partly from the outside of the building in order not to disturb room occupants.

In total

- 245 windows treated
- 9 days of treatment


- Signal strength improvement up to + 13dB
- Better 5G NSA and 4G advanced (high band) signals level for KPN and Vodafone ​
- 5G NSA has been entered in more areas inside the building for KPN ​
- 4G signal has been improved for Odido (from bad to acceptable or from acceptable to good) ​
- Better 4G signal and better quality of call over LTE advanced

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