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WAVETHRU at Silversquare Antwerp Tower

Silversquare Antwerp Tower, BE

Project type

Co-working space


April 2023


Antwerp, Belgium


- SQ Antwerp Tower, Belgium
- 5500m² of co-working space spread over 3 floors
- Not yet occupied at the time of the operation WAVETHRU


- Indoor radio performance: High façade attenuation envelop: approx. -30dB
- bad 2G and 3G signal coverage in almost all the floors, and some 4G close to the windows in front of the main façade. 5G NSA technology only in the top floor, but with poor signal level.


The Antwerp Tower underwent a complete renovation in 2021. As soon as the new glazing was installed (triple glazing), the Silversquare team noticed an almost total lack of connectivity in the interior spaces when standing at a distance of more than 2 meters from the windows.

The challenge was to restore interior connectivity, not only for very high spaces that sometimes included a mezzanine floor, but also because the partitions in most of the interior offices (over a hundred) were also made of glass.


As usual, an audit was carried out beforehand to determine the state of connectivity at several hundred points spread over the 3 floors of the site.
During the first phase, the WAVETHRU intervention was carried out on the glazing at normal height (without taking into account the presence of mezzanine offices). A second audit verified the gain in connectivity, in order to establish whether or not it was necessary to treat the glazing at height in order to reach the mezzanine offices.
Following this audit, it was decided to carry out a second phase of treatment at a higher height than the first in order to offer the same gain in connectivity to the mezzanine offices.

In total:

- 147 windows treated
- 7 days of treatment


- Signal strength improvement up to + 23dB
- Coverage for all 2G/3G/4G and future 5G technologies was restored for all national operators (Proximus, Orange and Base)

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